Our team will prepare you in three weeks for the DMV exams and help you find your first job
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CDL driving license in 3 weeks


We are engaged in training and people to learn a new profession for themselves with a high salary in the United States. Our training center provides packages of services with the possibility of temporary accommodation. Our course trains specialists guided not only by the basic rules of cargo transportation, but also by the personal experience of practicing professional drivers.
To obtain a licence , you must pass an exam

Stages of learning

Preparation before the trip, studying the units, truck devices, pneumatic brake system devices.

Pretrip Inspection

Let's start with the basics - moving forward and backward, what is important to pay attention to, where beginners often make mistakes

Driving forward and backward

Parallel parking is the most difficult figure in the CDL exam and we will pay special attention to it.

Parallel parking

You will learn how to easily choose a radius and park in reverse at our specialized yard

Reverse parking

You will drive around the city with an instructor for as long as you need for confident driving.

Driving in the city

We will tell you all the nuances of passing the exam at the (DMV).

Inspection Exam




We offer:

We Offer
We have prepared a special training plan that will suit everyone. You will be able to quickly learn all the subtleties of driving a truck
Flexible learning schedule to suit everyone
We have automatic and manual transmission trucks. You can choose what is more comfortable for you.
Training for automatic or manual transmission
If you need additional classes, our instructors will be happy to help you figure it out at a convenient time for you.
Hourly courses for professional drivers
We will help you check into a motel that is close to our school, which will help you spend more time studying
It is possible to live in a motel near the training center
You can always contact us for technical or administrative issues, we can also help you with employment
Constant communication with the manager of our company
We understand that not everyone can immediately pay the full amount for courses, so we offer convenient installment options
Different payment methods, including installments for several payments
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